growth mindset

So you inherited a legacy team, now what?

Scott Nasello
Congratulations! You have inherited a team with lots of classic technologies and practices. You might not even understand half of what they are talking about. You may be thinking “Am I being punished for something?” You are not being punished! Having been in the position multiple times I can tell you it’s very challenging but also can be quite fulfilling. In fact, some of my favorite memories have been working with the teams just starting their transformation journey.

Daily Habits

Scott Nasello
Habits Which shoe do you put on first in the morning? Do you even know? A simple exercise to bring habits further into focus is to change which shoe we put on first. Another variation might be to change which part of your mouth you start from while brushing your teeth. I find both of these changes in cues to enable awareness for other habits. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take 21 days to create a habit as discussed in this article.

The case for Hot Yoga

Scott Nasello
5 Reasons I love Hot Yoga I owe my DevOps career to Hot Yoga Many of us in the DevOps community have a Phoenix Project story. In my case, I was lucky enough to catch Gene Kim discussing many of the concepts from the book such as the three ways and I felt thunderstruck by the application of Theory of Constraints and many of Deming’s ideas to IT. These ideas made a ton of sense to me.