ChatOps ... A Love Story

Scott Nasello
If you couldn’t tell from the title, I am a complete homer when it comes to ChatOps. I’ll admit that I’ve lost all objectivity. ChatOps has had a profound impact on me as a leader, our teams of Infrastructure Engineers, and the sister teams that went on a journey with us. As we all stand on the shoulders of those before us, thank you to some of the pioneers of ChatOps who taught us and were very generous with their time.

Using configuration management at home

Scott Nasello
During my wife’s recent trip to the east coast I decided I would take my circa 2015 macbook and fully automate it and manage it with a configuration management software. You might want to know what kind of sick puppy would do this intentionally {me}. Here was my thinking: As a manager, I don’t get to do as much hands on work as I’d like I’m frustrated by the config drift I have at home…everything is a snowflake I wanted to learn CHEF more on that later Why CHEF?