Building a personal webpage from scratch? I'm gonna pass

I’m working through Udemy’s 100 days of python, and I had put it to the side for a few weeks. I had been enjoying the python class and would often listen to the assignment and try to build it without the lessons or hints. In this case I just couldn’t get excited about building a HTML/CSS website from scratch…especially in a python class.

Seriously though, the python class is affordable and approachable for just about anyone.

Trying to get back on track (and not fizzle out at day 43) I watched the final videos and decided to re-invigorate this very blog.

Previously, I had used Github pages / Github actions with a custom domain and used an AWS stack: CodeBuild, CodePipeline, S3, CloudFront, and Route 53. I decided to simplify it all and went with Gitlab, a runner. I had previously used Hugo so I took the opportunity to experiment with a number of the excellent themes and converged on Mainroad.

I don’t know if I will blog more, but I have enjoyed those times that Lorin Hochstein gets an idea and puts pen to paper over at his excellentSurfing Complexityblog. I’m sure he spends considerable time framing his ideas and editing, but he makes it look effortless and I’m inspired.

I’m starting a new job on 1/10/2022, perhaps I’ll share some of that process.